Back scrubber

I’ve never had a back scrubber before and when I got this I initially thought it would be a great gift. Well after feeling how soft it was I decided quickly that I would keep it for myself!
This back scrubber is made of a natural material and is actually referred to as a loofah. It measures 31.5 inches long and has a scrubbing area that measures 11.45 inches long. The material on this loofah is extremely soft! The handles are made of the same material and are a rope pattern and they make it really easy to scrub your back all over. The scrubbing area also has a little pouch where a bar of soap could be placed in but I just use body wash. I also use this on my feet. Having a child makes getting a pedicure hard so this help in between those rare visits. I can also see where this would be good for an elderly person. I’m actually really impressed with this back scrubber and so far I’m not having any issues!

I received this for free for testing purposes.





This is a really nice set of tweezers! I tweeze my own eyebrows to save money and I really don’t have time with a toddler to go get them done often enough. So for me a good set of tweezers is a must!
This set comes with 3 tweezers and a little pouch to keep them in. I really like that it has the pouch to store them in because I’m really good at misplacing and losing a single pair. There are 3 different types that include a slant tweezer, a straight tweezer and a pointed tweezer. They are really good quality and made of stainless steel. I’ve used all of them and they grip hairs very easily. There’s nothing worse than having to try for the same hair over and over again. So I’m very pleased with this set and think it would make a great gift for any female!


I received this product for free for testing purposes.


Charging Dock

With all the gadgets these day I have chargers in almost every room. I’ve seen charging docks before and liked the neat look of them so I decided to give this one a try and I really like it!
This charging dock is made of aluminum and does not have a cheap weight or feel to it. I’d say it can definitely take a few falls and be totally fine. There are 3 USB ports on the front and another located inside. The top pops off and the inside is hollow leaving room for a charging cord to be hooked up and put inside. There’s also room for the unused attachments to be stored as well. The end of the charging cord comes through the top and either the attachment for a phone or Apple Watch can be put there to keep in place. I really like that I can charge my phone on the dock and also have my kindle and husbands phone charging at the same time. The charging dock is silent so it’s perfect if you want to use at bedside as well. Depending on the quality of your charging cord will decide how fast your device will charge but I’ve seen no difference in how my devices charge by having them used through this charging dock. Overall I am very pleased with this product!


I received this for free for testing purposes.

Laptop sleeve

I got this laptop sleeve thinking it would be a great gift for my husband and I’m not disappointed! Both of our laptops are old so I’m planning on getting a newer laptop this coming Christmas. This laptop sleeve will be great to go with it.
This sleeve is smaller than the laptops I have now but like I said they are atleast 6 or 7 years old and laptops have came a long way since then. The internal measurements are 13.5 x 9.8 inches so it’s made for the smaller laptops. It’s made out of polyester and is waterproof. The inside is lined with a soft fluffy fabric to help with protection. There’s also a zipper pocket on the front that is big enough to carry charging cords, phone, pad, pens etc. I ordered the black one and I think it’s very professional looking. This would be a great gift for anyone who uses or travels with a laptop. I’m very pleased with the quality and look of it!

This product was given for free for testing purposes.



Safety corner guards

I’ve been telling myself to get some corner guards for awhile now to prevent my son from falling and hurting himself on our glass end tables. So when I saw these I thought I’d give them a try.

This set comes with 12 corner guards. They are pretty thick so I’d say they offer a lot of protection.  I’ve never had any before so when I ordered these I didn’t even think  about them not being the best fit for a thin glass top. Putting them on was easy enough, just put the little sticky thing where you want it and apply the corner guard. Once I had them on it was pretty comical how long they hung down but because they are a rubber material I was able to cut them down to fit the thin piece of glass. So just keep that one small detail that I overlooked in mind. I do think they would look better on thicker furniture but when does looks get to come before safety lol. However even though I had to alter them they are working just fine. So overall these are really good quality and I’m happy that the corners are one less thing I have to worry about!

I received these at a discounted price.




Tartan Scarf


Fall is here and the time is getting closer and closer to break out the scarves, gloves and hats! For me I am not a fan of cold weather but I do enjoy being able to dress it up some with all the winter gear.
This scarf can be worn in many ways and used for other things besides just a scarf. It’s a plaid design and I received the red that I think goes right along with fall colors. The material is really soft and feels great against the skin. It’s big for a scarf measuring 57×57 inch. I personally like that it’s larger than a typical scarf because I can use it also for a blanket and a breastfeeding cover. So instead of having to pack a breastfeeding cover and extra blankets I can just use this as a scarf until I need it for those other things. I’m really liking it and look forward to using this throughout the cooler season!


I received this scarf for free for testing purposes.

Wireless headset

The biggest thing I miss from my before being a mom life is being able to sit and read a book in one sitting. I would read atleast 3 books a week sometimes more depending on how much extra time I had. Now as a mom I don’t much extra time and when I do it’s used to clean or catch up on sleep. I desperately miss reading so I thought I’d try the audio book route. I received this wireless headset and gave them a try.
This wireless headset comes with the headset, instructions, a charger and extra ear plugs. The first thing I noticed is how light weight it is. The ear pieces are magnetic and click easily to the ends of the headset while not in use. Pairing them with my phone was extremely easy and I had them working within minutes. They do need to be charged upon arrival but after that I’ve been using them for about 2 hours at a time without them needing to be recharged right away. They fit comfortably around my neck and I have been able to hear my audio books clearly. I like that the ear pieces are nice and soft. I’ve used other kinds and end up having my ears sore from having them in for so long but these do not cause the soreness. The controls are extremely easy as well. There’s the option to pause/play, answer the phone, and turn the volume up and down. The look of them are pretty cool as well. I do feel they could be a little better quality but for the price and how well they are working I’m happy with them. It’s nice to be able to listen to my audio books and still get the cleaning and house chores done!


I received these for free for testing purposes.


Box of snacks

In my house we love to snack so I’m always keeping an eye out for good deals on mixture snack bags. This 40 piece snack box does have a good variety in it but I’m just not sure if the price is a good one for what you get. At first you think 40 things, that’s a lot! But when some of those 40 things are single pieces of candy it doesn’t seem like such a great deal.
So here’s what my snack box included:
4 packs of cheese doodles
1 pack of fudge stripe mini
2 packs of original corn chips
2 packs of pretzels
2 packs of tortilla nacho cheese chips
1 pack of goldfish
1 pack cheeze or white cheddar
3 mini skittles packs
3 mini harbo gummy bears packs
1 mini slim Jim
1 Keebler cheese & peanut butter crackers
1 pack of Oreos
1 pack of grandmas cookies
2 large airheads
3 packs of gummy worms
2 packs of welches fruit snacks
3 large twizzlers
3 small lady taffy
4 packs of sunflower seeds

We all enjoyed them and everything was fresh I just feel there are larger varieties offered for a better price.

I received this at a discount for testing purposes.

Let’s talk adult toys

I never thought I’d be writing on a blog about sex toys but I was recently given a few to test out so here goes. I’ve been with my husband for a little over 5 years. While many would not consider that an extremely long time, I feel that once there’s a child involved the focus on the relationship shifts leaving less and less time for sex. Not at all saying this is everyone’s case. Our son has never been a good sleeper so he’s been co sleeping with us for 15 months which makes things even more difficult when it comes to adult play time. I’ve been recently working on getting my son in his own bed which has given my husband and I the bed back and much needed alone time. When I was given the opportunity to review these sex toys I thought it would help add some extra fun for both of us.
The last time I actually bought any kind of sex toy was like 10 years ago and I can’t believe how much they have improved! Each of these are rechargeable and come with its own charging cord. They are made of silicone making them very smooth and soft to the touch. One great feature is that they are all waterproof! All are very simple to operate by just holding in a button to turn on and off then using the same button to switch modes. I was given 3 to try out, all from the same seller so they have some similarities but I’ll talk about each one separately starting with the one I like the most.

Wand massager (seahorse):

I really like this vibrator because it’s convenient to use for both during sex and self play. It’s curved and has a bumpy ridge along the outside. At the bottom is has a ring handle and it offers a bump on the inside for clitoral stimulation. What’s great about this one is it has 10 different modes that you can also control the speed of.

Purple vibrator:

This purple vibrator is also curved and has 5 raised bumps on the inside head. It has a LED light on the base that lights up different colors with each mode. It offers 7 different speeds that include:
1. Ravishing Red – Tender vibes
2. Gorgeous Green – Intense vibes
3. Blushing Blue – Thrilling vibes
4. Mellow Yellow – Indulging pulsation
5. Tempting Turquoise – Waves of stimulation
6. Passionate Purple – Sensational escalation
7. Oh! Orange – Raving, rumbling pleasure

You can not control the speeds of each mode but it starts off simple and gets more intense with each level up.

Anal beads:

Last one is the anal beads. Personally this is not my cup of tea but luckily they can be used other than with just anal. There are 9 beads that get small with size towards the end. The description says it could also be used as a butt plug so I’m guessing the handle. This could be good for someone who is not into regular size vibrators and could use this as a slender option. It also offers the 7 different modes mentioned above as the purple vibrator and speeds can not be changed.

So overall I can say that my husband and I are very happy with our new toys and have had fun experimenting with them! Recommend for couples who need a little bit of extra fun.

I received these for free for testing purposes.

Deluxe Racing Toy Truck


This is a cute toy truck with towing cars. My son absolutely loves trucks and cars! He can easily be entertained for awhile by us rolling them back and forth down the hall way. He has yet to figure out the kind that have to be pulled back to set them off racing so this truck is perfect for him because it’s self-propelled.
The truck comes with an attached trailer and 3 small cars that can be hauled or played with separately. Like I said before the truck is self-propelled and only has to be pushed a little for it to start moving on its own. It also makes like a motor noise when it’s moving.


The cars are not that way and are just regular push cars. Everything is made of plastic and while I feel the truck is of good quality, the cars are of lesser quality. However, they will roll easily and he likes putting them on the trailer. So far so good and he’s having lots of fun!

I received this at a discount for testing purposes.